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Test data for INTERLIS 2.3
Test data for INTERLIS 2.3 are online and can be downloaded from This data is based on the data model of the cadastral surveying, is however not an official translation of the data model in INTERLIS 2. It is only for providing a large amount of data for testing.
The base model Standard.Symbology.ili has been modified, it can be downloaded from

Checker for INTERLIS 2.3 / Glossary / Service itf2xml
Since the end of 2007, the checker for INTERLIS 2.3 is available. The compiler, the UML/INTERLIS-Editor and the INTERLIS 2-Module for FME have been upgraded with new functionality and bugs have been fixed. The glossary of the reference manual can be downloaded separately with the terms in the three languages German, French and English (sorted alphabetically by one chosen language). By selecting the menu item "Generality" you can use the service itf2xml to translate INTERLIS 1-data to INTERLIS 2-data.

New INTERLIS Version 2 - Standard
INTERLIS 2, Version 2.3 (SN612031, Edition 2006-05) has been translated into English. The first tools such as the compiler, the UML/Editor or the module for FME have been adapted to the new version and can be downloaded free of charge.

Tools for INTERLIS 2 (version 2.2 and 2.3)
The first tools which support both versions 2.2 and 2.3 of INTERLIS 2 are now available. The compiler (3.5.1 from 26.09.2007) reads and tests both INTERLIS models without the necessity for user intervention. The XML-Scheme can also be written from the input models 2.2 and 2.3. The INTERLIS 2 module for FME also processes both language versions. Both tools are downloadable free of charge.


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