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Name Identification Abstract

(Version 5.5.1)

The INTERLIS compiler checks the syntax of INTERLIS 1 and 2 models.
umleditor UML/INTERLIS Editor
(Version 3.10.1)
The UML/INTERLIS Editor is used to create a model in UML and then automatically convert the model to INTERLIS 2.
iG/Check* INTERLIS Checker
(Version 2022.0)
The iG/Check tool checks whether data in the INTERLIS 2 transfer format (*.xtf) complies with the associated model (*.ili).
ilivalidator ilivalidator
(Version 1.14.1)
The ilivalidator tool checks whether data in the INTERLIS 1 and 2 transfer format (*.itf/*.xtf) complies with the associated model (*.ili).  

for FME
(Version 7.2.1)

The INTERLIS plugin ili2fme enables the commercial software FME to read, write and display INTERLIS data.
ili2db INTERLIS 2-loader
for databases
(Version 5.1.0)
ili2pg, ili2gpkg and ili2fgdb are programs that write an INTERLIS transfer file according to an INTERLIS model into a database (PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GeoPackage or ESRI FileGDB) or create such a transfer file from a database.

*Please note the special license conditions for the iG/Check software.


INTERLIS is a conceptual modeling language designed to ensure long-term compatibility between different systems. INTERLIS is software and system independent.

The most currently used version is INTERLIS 2, version 2.3.

INTERLIS - who is behind it?

COGIS (Coordination, Geo-Information and Services) is the guardian of the formal language INTERLIS and provides the necessary information and documents. The activities of the Federal Administration in the field of geoinformation (GI) and geoinformation systems (GIS) are also coordinated by COGIS. See swisstopo (COGIS)

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