INTERLIS 2.4 Reference Manual

The INTERLIS 2.4 Reference Manual describes the structure of the INTERLIS 2.4 language and the rules for sequential data transfer.

Note: At the moment there are no INTERLIS 2.4 models, except for the base modules of the Federal Administration (CHBase).


Reference Manual 2.4, PDF

INTERLIS 2.3 Reference Manual

The INTERLIS 2.3 Reference Manual describes the structure of the INTERLIS 2.3 language and the rules for sequential data transfer.


Reference Manual 2.3, PDF


Manual de Referencia 2.3 (traducción al español), PDF

INTERLIS 2.3 User Manual

The INTERLIS 2.3 User Manual describes the use of INTERLIS 2.3 on the basis of various use cases, which all occur in the (fictitious) holiday region Ilistal. This tutorial introduces the reader step by step into the language INTERLIS 2.3.


User Manual 2.3, PDF

INTERLIS 2.3 Glossary

The INTERLIS glossary describes the technical terms frequently used in context with INTERLIS as well as their translations into German and French.


Glossary 2.3, PDF

Additional functions

In order to be able to use more extensive functions in data models than those currently offered in Appendix A of the reference manual, a number of standard functions have been defined in the field of mathematics for the data types TEXT and MTEXT and for AREA conditions.


Mathematical functions, PDF


Functions for the data types TEXT and MTEXT, PDF


Functions for AREA conditions, PDF


INTERLIS 2.2 is only used sporadically. The reference manual for INTERLIS 2.2 can be found under Archive, for further documents please contact


INTERLIS is a conceptual modeling language designed to ensure long-term compatibility between different systems. INTERLIS is software and system independent.

The most currently used version is INTERLIS 2, version 2.3.

INTERLIS - who is behind it?

COGIS (Coordination, Geo-Information and Services) is the guardian of the formal language INTERLIS and provides the necessary information and documents. The activities of the Federal Administration in the field of geoinformation (GI) and geoinformation systems (GIS) are also coordinated by COGIS. See

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